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Trophy Fees

Axis  -  $1000.00 & up
Fallow  -  $1000.00 & up
Sika  - $1000.00 & up
Black Buck  -  $1000.00 & up
Aoudad -  $650.00 & up
Mouflon  -  $800.00 & up
Corsican  -  $600.00 & up
Tx. Dall  -  $600.00 & up
Black Hawaiian  - $600.00 & up
Four Horn  - $700.00 & up
Ibex  - $800.00 & up
Catalina -  $500.00 & up
Red Deer  - $1,500.00 & up
Super Exotics

Water Buffalo  - $2,000.00 & up
Yak  -  $2,000.00 & up
Watusi - $1,500.00 & up
Addax  -  POR
Nilgai  - POR
Eland  - POR
Gemsbok  -  POR
Waterbuck  - POR
Wildebeest  - POR
Blesbok  -  POR
Zebra - POR

# POR=Price On Request

Other super exotics upon request

***All prices subject to change***


If your looking to brush up on your hunting skills, then exotic hunting is a fine way to add to your trophy room. Exotic hunting in Texas is open year round.  We hunt a ranch that was awarded The Ranch/Preserve of the Year, with 71 entries in the top five, was awarded for the second consecutive year. The closest competition had 48 entries in the top five. Outfitter of the year was also awarded with 81 entries in the top five, crushing last years TGR record of 56, which was also set by this ranch For the third year in a row, Guide of the Year was awarded to Don Wade with 71 entries in the top five. Out of these top ranked animals harvested,17 were new world records (Diamonds).  For two years in a row they have received every award possible in the Ranch, Outfitter and Guide categories. To achieve these accomplishments is truly an experience of a lifetime. To hunt on this ranch is an awesome adventure.


Economy Hunts

    * Exotic Does, Sheep, Goats, & Wild Hogs -- $400 per animal
    *Sheep, Goats, & Wild Hogs -- $250.00 per animal

    * Exotic Bucks -- $1,200 per animal
  * All Inclusive Lodging - $75/person/night

We have economy hunts in our Outback Preserve. All game are hunted over feeders with rifle and bow stands. Animals available include: Corsican, Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, Mouflon-type, Four Horn, and Merino sheep. Angora and Catalina goats, Wild Hogs, and exotic does (Axis, Fallow, Sika, Black Buck), plus some Exotic Bucks. 70% of animals taken on this hunt make R.O.E. record book. Lodging and meals are available, just as on the above hunts, for $95.00 /person/day. Lodging and meals are also available in Bridgeport, 20 miles away from the ranch. $50 Deposit on all Outback Preserve hunts


We have a lodge that comes complete with Satellite TV. Also, we have rifle, pistol, archery and skeet ranges. We can accommodate up to 16 guests and 3 home-cooked meals are available. Meals and lodging are $75.00 per day at the ranch (includes 3 meals, cape & quartering, trophy prep and delivery to our taxidermist). Motel rooms are also available in nearby Jacksboro, Bridgeport, and Decatur. A walk-in cooler and a freezer is available for game storage.


You are welcome to hunt with rifle, bow, black powder, or handgun. Valid hunting license can be purchased at local locations.